A principal division of the Shawnee , the name of which is of uncertain etymology. They emigrated from the wouth

Painted Shawnee

about 1697, together with other Shawnee bands, and settled with them, partly on Susquehanna and partly on Allegheny River, Pa., where they are mentioned in 1731. Sewickley, Pa., probably takes its name from them.

According to W. H. Shawnee, an educated member of the tribe, the proper form is Ha-tha-we-ke-lah, and they constitute one of the original 5 principal divisions of the Shawnee. Together with the Bicowetha (Piqua) and Kispokotha (Kispococoke) divisions they removed about 1793 to what was then Spanish territory in east Missouri, thence into Arkansas, and in 1832 into Texas, where with other tribes they settled for a time near Saline River. Being afterward driven out, by the new Texas government they removed to the present Oklahoma, where the 3 united bands are now known as Absentee Shawnee, from having been absent from more recent treaties made with the rest of the tribe.

The Hathawekela claim to be the "elder brothers" among the Shawnee, as being the first created of the tribe. The band formerly under Black Bob, are a portion of this division.


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